A 10×10 kitchen is the standard unit of measure that the kitchen industry has decided to use in order to have a common pricing structure to compare “apples to apples”. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a cabinet company will use this method when advertising their prices, however.

Is Anyone’s Kitchen Really 10×10?

Not all, but some kitchens really do fall into the 10×10 category. Generally, this is a simple L-shaped kitchen, with the sink and dishwasher on the long end of the L, and the fridge and oven/stove top on the shorter side of the L. 

Most kitchens fall somewhere above or below the 10×10 measurement mark. 10×10 is not the average or most common kitchen size, instead, it’s just an easy number to compare quotes to.

Does 10×10 Include the Dining Area?

People frequently ask if the 10×10 kitchen model includes the dining area, or if it leaves that out of the measurements. For the most part, no, it does not. More realistic estimates that include the dining area would fall between 175 and 200-square-feet.

What About the Kitchen Island in a 10×10 Kitchen?

The standard 10×10 kitchen is not classified as having an island, but that doesn’t mean one wouldn’t fit. If you are planning to add an island, you’ll need to personally account for the additional cabinets.