Supermatt Finish with silky touch

The ZÉNIT collection is the result of our continuous improvement in lacquering technology and years of R&D+I.

The ZÉNIT surface offers a deep supermatt surface with a silky feel together with an extraordinary resistance to abrasion.

The ZÉNIT collection comes with a complete range of solid colors, with or without metallic particles, and elegant designs such as the marbles. These designs provide a contemporary look into kitchen, bathroom and home furniture applications as well as in interior design and commercial projects.


Supermatt Blanco

Supermatt Blanco Porlar

Supermatt Gris Perla

Supermatt Magnolia

Supermatt Cashmere

Supermatt Gris Nube


Natural Finishes

Stain Resistance

Easy Cleaning

Long Durability

Antibacterial Treatment

Color Stability